A little history on the Southern Fried "Hand-Pie" or  "Jack-Pie" or "Apple-Jack" (depending on which southern family you were blessed to share  a meal with)... "Hand-Pies" were a staple in Southern farm family kitchens as simple way to enjoy a sweet treat at the table, in the barn, on the tractor or in the field without the need for a plate or fork.  Traditionally these little pies were made with a simple, hand-made crust and dried apples or other fruit that was readily available. Fresh out of the frying pan, they are beyond delicious!!


Beginning with Great-Grandmother Henrietta, Southern Fried "Hand-Pies" have been a delicious tradition at our family's table.  Since 1906, her recipes for these sweet and simple pies have been passed down over generations.  Like my grandmothers before me, all of my pies are hand-made from scratch from the crust to the fillings from dried apples to fresh strawberries...and now I want to share these scrumptious hand-made treats with you!! Enjoy!!